"The Body" & Personal Hygiene

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Learn about your body and how to look after it as part of the health and fitness badges, including personal hygiene.


Large roll of paper big enough for the children to draw round one person per lodge.
Felt Tip Pens
Hand cream


Leader talk about the body and the importance of how we look after it.
Get the children to pick one person out of their lodge and then draw round their shape on the large piece of paper.
Get them to draw and label the main organs of the body eg Heart, Lungs, Liver, Brain, Kidneys (yes you will probably find they draw some things on there that you didn't ask for ....)
Talk a bit about what each of those parts do, and then this can lead into a chat about health & fitness generally.
Discuss Healthy Eating
Drinking lots of water
Doing Exercise etc.

Get everyone into pairs with one person lying down on the floor and the other taking their pulse by putting their finger on the pulse point on the neck or wrist

We would do a run around game to decide on Good Food/Bad Food

We would then do some on the spot exercises - star jumps etc for about 5 minutes

Repeat the taking the pulse activity.

If time, we usually also do a bit on personal hygiene this session as well, just a chat about having a wash / shower after exercise and reminder on brushing teeth & washing hands properly. We then use glitter in some handcream and subject to allergies get them to try to wash it off.

Handout at the end is a chart for them to use at home on being clean and hygienic - eg brush teeth twice daily, wash hands after the toilet, brush hair, have a wash etc. Update Feb 2017 I've created a form and attached it. MJ


  • body
  • body parts
  • exercise
  • food
  • Healthy Eating Games
  • Heart rate
  • hygeine
  • pulse
  • taking a pulse
  • washing hands

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