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Sixes devise a game that helps to reinforce a scouting skill or activity, and then demonstrate the game to the rest of the pack.




The brief

As a six, you need to come up with a game that is based around a skill, or activity that you take part of in Cubs. Themes could include:
Map reading

The important aspect of the game is help all cubs learn something about the skill/activity (Think the north/south/east/west game).

The Sixer and Seconder of the six will together run this activity, ideas and discussion should go through them, however the six should back and contribute towards creating the game.
As a six decide what skill or activity you want to build the game around.
Decide on the format of the game (team/individual rally/quiz).
Decide on any rules that are needed to make the game run smoothly.
Test out aspects of the game.
Come up with a catchy name for the game.

At the end of the process, as a six you will introduce the game to the pack, explain the rules, and demonstrate the game.

Once all the sixes have demonstrated their games, the pack will vote for it’s favourite game, which will be played at the end of the evening.


The game must be INFORMATIVE,
and most importantly FUN


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