First Night

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Arrival: children to do a Beaver dot-to-dot with the young leaders and others, while I Randall and Tony meet and greet parents.

· Open with a welcome e.g. special guest( Bertie Beaver and any others)

· Craft: Beaver mask

· Drinks and biscuits

· Talk about being a Beaver Scout (mention of St Georges Day)

· Game of: Pin the tail on the Dragon

· Close


Paper with Beaver dot-to-dot on it
Card with Beaver Mask on it
pen/pencils for colouring
Elastic string for mask


Dot-to-dots just to colour in
Mask colour then cut them out and last attach string
Game one child at a time to have a scarf or piece of materiel over their eyes turn around once and see if the can place the tail on the dragon.



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