Viking evening

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Evening exploring Vikings


A Cardboard circle for each beaver, foil, string, unpopped popcorn, safety pins, sellotape, rice, viking story, reference books, rune alphabet, cardboard, string, pens, bells


Log chew - Who were the Vikings? - From Sweden, intrepid explorers, etc The Vikings also loved to think up nicknames for each other –
everything from Keith Flatnose and Ragnar Hairy Breeches to
Einar Belly-Shaker and Ulf the Unwashed. What names can the Beavers come up with for funny Viking nicknames for their friends, family and leaders.
What would be their Viking Name? Men and women took their fathers’ first name as their surname, so Leif the son of Eric was called Leif Eriksson.
Viking story - Beavers sit in a circle and numbered 1 to 4. Each number is an imaginary item. A story is told, the beavers have to run round the circle when they hear their item and get back to their staring place.
Viking Brooch - Stick the string, popcorn, rice on to the cardboard circle making a viking pattern. cover with foil and press down, stick a safety pin on to back of brooch
Viking King Game - Get the Beavers in a circle standing up. Decide which one of as the Viking King or Queen. The chosen beaver makes horns on his head and shouts, "I'm the Viking King/Queen!” The person on his left and on his right pretend to paddle a boat as if they are on the King's boat until Viking King points to someone else in the circle. The person pointed at is the new King or Queen and the people beside them are the new paddlers. The game continues until someone does the incorrect action, does not call out "I am the Viking King," or does not react quickly enough.
Viking alphabet - Make a bedroom door name plaque with Viking runes
Shh – don’t wake the viking game - Beavers sit in a circle with one in the middle and the noisy object placed on the ground behind them. The beaver in the middle covers their eyes. The leaders point to a beaver in the circle who must try to pick up the noisy object and get back before the Viking wakes up. If the Viking hears them and gets up, they drop the object and run back through their place in the circle and once round it with the Viking chasing them.


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