Seasons Calendar

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Beavers make a calendar consisting of a tree split into the 4 seasons.


Tree template printed onto card.
Colouring pencils
Autumn coloured leaf shapes
Cotton wool
Green paint
Blossom coloured tissue paper
Calendar cards
Hole punch
String / ribbon
PVA glue and spreaders (recommend cocktail sticks)


Show sample and discuss how and why tree looks in different seasons.
Colour tree trunk brown.
Leave winter section sky white, colour spring sky light blue, summer sky yellow, autumn sky red, pink, yellow, blue mixed.
Stick cotton wool on branches, falling from sky and on ground as snow in winter.
Stick scrunched up bits of tissue paper onto tree for spring.
Stick leaves on tree and ground for autumn.
Using finger, paint green leaves on tree for summer.
Stick calendar card to bottom.
Punch holes in top and tie string.
Leave to dry


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