The World Around Us

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This activity encourages Beaver Scouts to think about the world we live in and reflect on a number of things that we can be grateful for as well as things we may need to work hard to protect. This can assist in Promise preparation and collectively giving thanks.


Four large signs, Post-it notes, pictures from magazines, pictures from ClipArt, digital photos


1. Display four large signs
• ‘People important to us’
• ‘Animals in danger’
• ‘Plants in the garden/park’ (as appropriate)
• ‘What can we re-use/re-cycle’
In Lodges, pairs, or as individuals, Beaver Scouts can add their thoughts to each display.
This may be done by
• writing on post-it notes
• using pictures cut from magazines
• using pictures from ClipArt
• using digital photos
2. Follow up with a group discussion:
• What makes the world a happy place?
People who love us
Nature to enjoy
• How do we damage the world?
Too many cars
Leaving the television switched on
Dropping litter
• How can we look after this world?
Grow more plants/trees


  • global awareness
  • spiritual development

Badge Links

  • Global Issues - Endangered animals
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