Program your Scout Leader

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Scouts must write an algorithm so that their leader makes a jam sandwich without making mess.
Although the activity doesn't include coding, it is designed to get Scouts thinking about the thought processes taken to write code before they get online and give it a go.


Pens and paper
Bread (sliced sandwich loaf)
Jam (in a closed jar)
Disposible gloves for the robot


Algorithm terms
- Objects
bread packet, jam jar, jar lid, butter tub, butter lid, bread slice, jam, butter, plate, knife blade, knife handle, Leader, Left hand, Right hand

- Actions
pick up, press down, put down, unscrew, remove, cut, spread, stop, put, hold, soft, hard, slow, fast, turn, top, bottom, repeat x times, left, right, hold, drop,

raise, lower, scoop

What to do
1 write all the algorithm terms on a board or a large piece of paper for reference.
Scouts should write a series of instructions that only use the words provided.
Each command must contain a left or right hand indicator.
e.g. "right hand pick up knife handle"

2 As the robot, you should be pedantic and petty.
Do exactly what the Scouts tell you even if it involves putting your hand in the butter or jam.
When situations like this arise the Scouts should be ancouraged to refine and debug their instructions and test try again, as a normal part of computing.

(document in word, change it as you like, it is in two parts, page 1 is a leader brief and page 2 is a handout, one per patrol or team)


  • comptuing
  • computers
  • Information Technology
  • software

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