Muffin Pizzas

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Cook muffin pizzas and add healthy toppings


Bread muffins (sliced in half), tomato sauce, grated cheese and various toppings e.g mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers, sweetcorn, ham and pepperoni, baking parchment and baking sheets


Explain the importance of washing hands and cleanliness prior to cooking.
Toast the muffin halves prior to the start of the session and give each Beaver 2 halves each.
Instruct to spread with tomato passata and then add their favourite toppings and sprinkle with cheese.
(Try and encourage them to try different/new foods)
Cook in a preheated oven for approx 8-10 mins on 180-200C and then serve.


  • cooking, pizza, baking,
  • Healthy Eating

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