Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco

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Agree & Disagree sheets, Knowledge of topics obtained from Drinkaware, Talk To Frank and Ash, Blutack


Drinking can damage your body beyond repair, especially if you start drinking young. It can lead to cancer, liver disease, heart disorders, brain development problems, and even not being able to have kids. It's also very fattening - loads of calories, dehydrates your skin.

5000 teenagers admitted to hospital every year for alcohol related reasons

Alcohol is a drug - it's addictive - and if you start now, it'll be a slippery slope to drinking even more, and maybe trying out drugs.

Being drunk affects your ability to make decisions - you may do things you'll regret.

1 in 5 teenagers admitted to drink driving, and 1/3 have been a passenger in a car with a drunk driver.

The size of your body and how grown up you are makes a big difference - smaller and younger people can't drink as much as their older and bigger friends.

Many people will know of someone whose life has been drastically affected by either drink or drugs.


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