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This is a memory game using at least two teams. The chosen players have to commit to memory where their team members are sitting. They are then removed whilst two team members in each team exchange places. The players return to identify which of their team members swapped places. This is a race between teams.




Who's moved? The teams go to their corners with at least one adult leader for each team. Make sure the teams are not too small otherwise it will be too easy. For example, two lodges/sixes/patrols could form one team.

Each team sits in a circle and the leaders manage their teams and ensure there is no cheating.
Make sure the teams are the same distance away from the doorway that is being used.

When instructed by the game leader, each team leader chooses a team member. This person then stands in the middle of their team and tries to commit to memory where everyone in their team is sitting, including leaders. When instructed, the chosen people leave the room (supervised so they don't cheat).

Silently, each leader picks two people in their team to exchange places. Once all the teams are ready, the game leader says "1, 2, 3" and then everyone shouts "Ready!"
On the shout, the chosen people quickly return to to their teams. The team members are not allowed to say or indicate who moved, otherwise they cease participating for that round.

Each chosen player has to say who moved in their team. If they are not correct their team can say "no". However, if they identify the right people, everyone in that team shouts hooray and waves their arms to show they were first. That team then gets a point.

The game is then played again with different people remembering and moving.


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