Game Planning

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Each Six to sit down with a leader to plan a team game. They have to choose a game, work out the rules and scoring, decide on what equipment they will need and delegate jobs to the different members of the Six. Next week, each Six will run its game for the Pack. A leaders' panel will comment on each game, X factor style. Points will be awarded according to the way they carried out their task.


Flip board paper and felt tip pens. A table and chairs for the panel.


The adult leader will take notes for their Six so that their children can concentrate on the task. However, Cubs may assist the leader in writing up their notes if they wish. Not all children are comfortable with writing in a group, so there must be no pressure.

The leader facilitates the group to come up with a game, whether it is a game they know or one they wish to invent. They need to work out how the game should be played, the rules and the scoring. They will only have ten minutes to run their game next week.

The final task is to share out the jobs amongst the Six. Everyone must have a job to do. They don't play in their own game, they have to lead it and assist in carrying out the task. They get to play when other teams are running their games.

Make them aware that next week, when their game has been played, a panel will tell the Pack what they thought about the way they carried out their task. At the end of next week's session, points will be awarded to the teams. The team that did least well will get 5 points. The next will get 10 points, the next 15, and so on until all the teams have been given their points.

This preparation session counts as a Pack Forum towards the Teamwork Challenge Award. I have suggested 30 minutes for this session, but we will allow more time if they are enjoying it and need more time. If Scouts use this activity, simply replace Six with Patrol.


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