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Game: Moon & Stars (Spanish Tag Game)

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A good game for Founders Day. A game of Tag where 'The Moon' catches 'The Stars'


Chalk for indoors, or rope/string if playing outdoors; Whistle


- draw a large circle with chalk in the centre of the room, this is the moon. If outdoors, lap rope or string in a circle instead
- one Scout stands in the Moon, all the others are stars; they should stand in the 4 corners of the room lined up (or behind a marker on 4 corners of the field/playing area
- on the whistle the first cub from each corner must run to the opposite corner, passing through the moon
- the moon must try to catch the stars
- any star that is caught becomes part of the moon & can help to 'catch the stars'
- continue with the 2nd Scout; 3rd Scout in line until you are left with one or more Winners or alternatively if the number of Scouts in the Moon becomes unworkable


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