Urban Scavenger Hunt

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If you're a city cat rather than a country bumpkin. Play this version of the popular game to explore your surroundings.


Digital camera
Printed List


Young people split up into patrols. Explore the local area while trying to take photos of as many items on the list below within a time limit.

Take a photo of the following
The Letter “A”
Car Without a Hubcap
The Number “3”
A “For Sale” Sign
A Menu from a Restaurant
A Police Car
A No Entry Sign
A Fire Escape
A Parking Meter
A Small Dog
A Couple Holding Hands
A Shopping Bag
Someone Wearing Shorts
A selfie with everyone in your patrol
A Flower
A street sign with the word ‘Avenue’
A Litter Bin
A cycling bin
Something Pink
A Yellow car
A motor bike
A cat
A Church
A sign with a phone number on it


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  • Team challenge
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