Astronomer - identify three constellations

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To test Cubs in a fun way on their constellations knowledge. Ideal back up plan if it turns out the weather is not suitable to see the real stars!


Pictures of constellations. e.g. The Plough/big dipper, Great Bear, Cassiopeia, Orion. (see files below) You could print one of the attached files per group.
Some kind of markers (e.g. cones or just pieces of paper.) 15 to 20 for each six.
Cards with the name of a constellation on it. At least three, but more if you like!


Teach the constellations in advance. Then split the cubs into groups (eg sixes) and give them a card with the name of a constellation. Then in turn each six marks out their constellation in the middle of your meeting place and the other sixes have to identify it.


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