Making firelighters

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How to make firelighters for camp


Old candlewax / candles, Lint from tumble dryer or cotton wool, waxed dental floss, Old egg boxes.


Melt candles/old wax in a jam jar in a saucepan of boiling water being careful not to get water into the jar. Cut out the individual cups from the egg box, Stuff tightly a wad of lint/cotton wool into the bottom of the cup, fold over the top of the cup to cover the wad, tie tightly with about 60cm of waxed dental floss, tie off leaving about 10cm of floss to dangle the cup into the melted wax making sure the cup it is completely covered in wax. Leave to dry and cool for a few minutes. Take outside to a safe area and light the cup, it will burn for about 10 -15 minutes. Save these for your next backwoods camp. Keep the jar of wax, once cooled solid, and any leftovers for next time.


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