Camping Lamps

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Introduction to camping lamps. How the light them and use them safely. What lamps are best for what purpose. Emphasis on Patrol style camping.


As many different types of camping lamps as possible


Evening follows a; "Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me, pattern.

"Tell Me"
With all the lamps laid out on a table, gather the Scouts around and show them all the different types of lamp available. Invite discussion around the merits of each lamp type. When it is best used, how safe is it, what risks might there be using it. where would it be used, where wouldn't it be used etc.

For each lamp; Explain components, how to light safely, risks associated etc. Demonstrating lighting lamp. Show how fragile the mantels become. Get the patrols to change the mantel and light a lamp.

"Show Me"
Demonstrate how to safely use the lamps. Point out things like stability of the lamp, where to use it, what gets hot, what does't etc.

"Let Me"
Let them have a go! Give a lamp to each patrol. Let them have a go lighting it

Lamp types to include;
Gas Lamps, Parrafin lamps, LED lamps, Older battery lamps, Oil Lamps, Candle Lamps, torches, head lamps, candles, improvised lamps etc..


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