Backwards Pancakes

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Make pancakes on an open fire, without utensils.... only foil


Pancake mixture & Eggs; bowls; whisks; foil trays; tin foil; cooking oil; toppings; place to light fires


The aim is for the patrols to work as a team to make pancakes backwoods style.
Within each patrol, as a team, the scouts agree who will take on which tasks. (3 tasks; Fire lighting, Pan making, Mixture making)
This results in a 3 groups containing a mixture of patrol members.

Fire lighting group;
- Brief on fire lighting technique, where to find dry wood (it's currently wet and wintery)
- Collect wood
- Build & light fire


Pan Making Group;
- Using Foil trays and tin foil the group experiments and decides on how to make a suitable 'pan' for frying pancakes
- Once a design is chosen, the group sets up a 'production line' to make pans.... one per Scout


Mixture Making Group;
- Quick brief on hygiene and food safety
- How to make pancake mixture demonstration
- Scout then make enough mixture for their patrols.

After about 20 minutes a each patrol should now have a fire lit, pans made and mixture ready.
Patrols now regroup.

Quick fire safety brief for all.
Demonstrate how to cook (and not burn) the pancakes

Everyone has a go at cooking and making pancakes. (Flipping them proved tricky!!)

Clear-up, make the fires safe.


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