Dyed eggs using natural dyes

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Boil or blow eggs, make natural dyes and then decorate and steep your eggs in the dyes (info taken from Abel & Cole website)


Red cabbage (for blue)
White onion skins (for orangey brown)
Red onion skins (for chocolate brown)
Other options to see how well they work - beetroot peelings, carrot peelings, turmeric, coffee grounds


If you want to keep your dyed eggs for more than a day or two you need to blow the innards out first - make pin holes in each end and then using a straw blow the egg innards out of the other hole into a bowl (use in cakes, cooking etc.) or you could boil the eggs first or boil them as you make the dye.
Pick your colour, put your chosen veg into a pan and squash it down to the bottom
Add enough water to almost cover the veg
Add a tbsp of white wine vinegar
Bring to the boil and simmer for about 30 mins
Strain the dye into a bowl, jar or small saucepan.
Decorate your eggs using natural things like leaves and flowers (stick on) or use stickers like stars or spots
Submerge your egg in the warm or cold dye for at last 30 mins or overnight depending on how strong you want the colour.


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