Easter Egg Hunt Quiz

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Scouts do an easter egg hunt, but they don't eat the eggs until they answer a scouting question.


chocolate eggs wrapped in 3 or 4 colours


hide the eggs around the site.
scouts or cubs hunt for the eggs but do NOT eat them.
Each patrol put their eggs together in a bag
once all the eggs have been found, the troop split into patrols
each patrol member draws and egg and answers a question based on the egg colour.
Egg questions are attached - one section (red) is our locality and scouts but you easily adapt this section and area
if the answer is correct the scout gets to eat the egg, if not the question is open to all in the patrol, if no-one can answer the egg so back to the leader
Eggs not won in the quiz are used in wide or team games to finish the session, (or eaten by the leaders - your choice)


  • Easter
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • scouting skills

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