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Robot (Blindfolded Cub) Wars

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Two blindfolded Cubs try & get their ammunition in to the opponents ring


For Each Team:

- a hoop or ring of rope
- scrunched up paper balls, bean bags or light balls
- a blindfold
- Pen and paper per team


1. Each Team should designate a "Robot".

2. The "Robot" must then stand blindfolded with the hoop or ring of rope around them on the floor.

The "Robot" then tries get their finite ammunition into the opponents hoop / ring, the rest of the team guide the "Robot" to help him throw into the oppositions rings / hoops (i.e. "Too Long", "Left a Bit", "Further"... etc). Make a note of what instructions work the best and what ones don't

3.The "Robot" cannot move their feet or peek under the blindfold.

4. The non-robot teammates can re-arm the "Robot" and should

5.Set a time limit as to the amount of time each "Robot" has to get as much of their ammunition in oppositions ring.

6. Swap "Robots" at the end of each round


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