Mosaic Mania

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Decorate wood boxes with small tiles to create a mosaic pattern


Wood Box- (one per young person is preferable)
small tiles- (colour depends on the reason for the activity)
grout- can get specific for small project and child friendly (see baker ross for example)
Lollipop sticks


1. mix the grout with water (ratio should be on the packaging) and put a small amount into each tub
2. set the work stations with about 4-6 young scouts per table- each place is set with a wooden box
3. empty the small tiles into piles on to the table( this way it is easier for the young people to see what colours they need/want.
4. Using the lollipop stick spread some grout onto the box in the area you would like to tile- use quiet a bit as too little grout and the tile will not stick.
5. pick the colour tiles you want and press them into the grout.
6. After the area of the box is decorated place in a warm room to dry.


  • decorate boxes
  • Mosaic

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