Survival knife safety

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Train Scouts in safe use of knife plus UK law regarding using and carrying knives.


Victorinox resource from TSA
Scouts to bring their swiss army style knives to the meeting
A supply of suitable sticks for chopsticks/ pot hook activity
Example sheath, swiss army & kitchen knives
Spare swiss army knives
Carborumdum stones or other sharpeners, oil
Plasters/ first aid kit! :-)


Explain knife law.
Show sheath knife, is it lawful for a leader (or anyone):
- to wear it on a belt in the street?
- to have it in a scout hut?
- to carry it openly to the Scout Hut?
Consider same questions with a swiss army knife
Show a kitchen knife, is it lawful to walk around with such a knife on a Scout camp?

Split Scouts into patrols each with an adult and cover knife safety and techniques per Victorinox resource.

Make chop sticks or pot hooks. Explore which woods are safe to use as eating utensils.


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