Handball with benches

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Like 1 on 1 football but using only hands instead.


2 benches and a soft football sized ball.


Set up a bench on its side at each end of the hall.

Split the troop into 2 teams and within each team, give the Scouts a number: 1 to however many there are.

Each team sits on the floor behind their bench.

Put the ball in the middle of the hall.

The game starts when a Leader calls out a number.

The Scout on each team that was given that number has to:
- run and touch the other bench
- run back to the middle and try to score a goal by hitting the ball into their own goal
- the Scout can only use their hands to hit the ball and cannot pick up the ball
- it's ok to block the ball if it hits their legs but they should not kick the ball

The 'go' ends when one of the Scouts called scores a goal.

The ball then goes back to the middle, Scouts go behind their bench again and the Leader calls another number.

Once everyone has had a go you can start calling out more than one number at once.

Team with the most goals scored wins.


  • ball game
  • bench
  • Indoor

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