Trading Post for Beavers

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A simplified version of the more traditional Cub/Scout game, for Beavers


A list of simple activities for the Beavers to complete, plus any materials required
A set of tokens to give out (could be pennies, monopoly money, chips, etc.)


Come up with a list of activities, and split them into suitable bases. Assign each base to the leader / YL.
Explain the game to the Beavers; they can then go and visit any base and complete any activity. Each completed activity earns a token.
At the end of the evening, see which Beaver has the most tokens.

Note - as the Beavers move into cubs, they will likely take part in a proper trading post game (which involves 'buying' materials for each activity), so this is just a starter/introduction to the idea.

Activities could include:
- Writing our your full name and address
- Make a paper aeroplane
- Word-search
- Dot-to-Dot
- Guess the age of the leaders (this generates a few laughs!)
- Throw bean bags into a bucket
- Skip 10 times
- Kim's game
- Make a pasta necklace
- Make a mask from a paper plate
- etc.


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