Knot Relay Pull

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Boxes with prizes are tied to ropes at one end of the room/field. To get their teams prizes the Beavers have to take it in turns to tie their individual ropes to their teams rope attached to a box, they need to make it long enough for it to reach right back to the rest of their group, then they can all pull it and get the prizes for their team.


4 boxes, 4 long lengths of para-cord (or ropes), prizes (in our case drinks), smaller lengths of para-cord enough for one per Beaver, cones to mark areas/start lines.


A box is placed down at one end of the hall with a rope tied around it. All team members then run in relay fashion grab a length of rope from a pile (one for each running team member) and tie a knot (e.g. Reef knot) to the other end of the first rope attached to the box. Each team member continues to do this. By the end, the length of rope will be fairly long. The team must then drag the box across the floor to get their prize.
If the knots are tied incorrectly or not strong enough they will break in the final pull, the team will have to stop and tie the knot again.


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