Environmental Care Code [Old]

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Running a base designed to fit with the Silver Badge > Community Cornerstone > Help Others > Give an example of where to use the Environmental Care Code.


Understanding of the NZ Environmental Care Code.


NOTE: The department of conservation is transitioning away from the Environmental Care Code to "Leave No Trace" and activity Specific Care Codes.
This activity is designed for the old care code (see attached PDF). For the new Leave No Trace + Activity specific care Codes See "Leave No Trace" activity.

To prepare:

1. Print off the attached background material on the environmental care code. Read it.
2. Print off attached PDF file that contains ECC cards.

To Run:

1. Set up the activity with background and context. (E.g. back when New Zealand was smaller, we could treat the outdoors and bush differently. With more people we need to make sure we are not damaging the back country in a way that permanently damages the bush. We are going to have a brief conversation on the environmental care code.
2. Hand out the card code cards.
3. Give each scout 2-3 minutes to read the card.
4. Provide each scout a card and have them explain why that element is important, and where (or when) to apply it.
5. Discuss with your scouts.


  • Environment Care Code
  • indoors
  • silver scout award

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