4 Square Time Bomb

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Team Game Played in Patrols


Something to mark the areas e.g - Chalk/Cones
Soft ball(s)
Stop Watch


Scouts are split into patrols or 4 even teams. There should be two lines marked on the floor to create 4 team spaces. A soft ball will be places in the middle. The referee will call either 'Hands' or 'Feet' and a set time limit (anywhere between 10-45 seconds) then he will blow a whistle. Scouts must then either kick or throw the ball (depending on what the referee said) into the oppositions area. The whistle will then be blown at the end of the time limit. The team with the ball in their area when the whistle is blown then gets a point. If a team gets 5 points, they are out and the adjacent team must then defend the vacant team's area. Add more balls to make it more challenging.


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