Saint George's Day Game - Slay the dragon

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Team game - minimum 4 in a team - could have more but will make game take longer.


None - more fun if you have one toy dragon (plush one is best) and toy shield and sword for each team. Visual or physical markers required. If hall area is not big enough to make the Dragon fairly equidistant then suggest a printed /drawn dragon picture (pref A3 if poss ) for each team stuck on a cardboard box so first to stab their dragon wins that round each time


Like a relay game. Each team has one member who is Saint George they stand at back of line of team members.
When whistle blows front team member runs to first marker and crouches to form a stone (and if one available holds the sword as if sword in the stone), as soon as team member has done this, waves a hand and the second team member runs around the stone in a circle and the on to the next marker and stands with feet together and arms out to form a tree (and if one available places shield at feet). Then waves hand. The third team member runs around the stone in a circle, around the tree in a circle and onto the next marker, then bends over to form a bridge. Then waves hand. Then the back team member (Saint George) runs around the stone in a circle (takes sword if available), runs around the tree in a circle (picks up shield if available), runs and crawls under the bridge and then runs to the dragon and grabs it. First Saint George to grab the dragon wins the race.
Can run game with more than 4 in a team - extra members can be extra stones, trees and bridges. Could have one be a horse and St George and horse have to do obstacles and reach dragon together - could do horse on all hands and knees, Saint George sitting on back - or wheel barrow race or just holding on to each other.
Suggest repeat game till all team members have been Saint George.


  • obstacle relay
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