Rob the nest

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An active game for three or more players


3 hula hoops (to be nests)
7 or 8 balls (to be eggs)
If at the beach, draw a hoop in the sand and collect a bunch of shells instead. If at the park use three kids' hats to be nests instead and rocks as eggs
Add more nests and eggs if required to cater for larger groups


Place all the eggs in the middle of your play area
Each player/team has their own nest in front of them, which is currently empty.
On “Go!” each player runs to the eggs in the middle, takes one, and puts it in their nest. Then they return to collect another. If playing in teams, each team member takes a turn, rotating through until the game ends.
Once there are no eggs remaining in the middle, they must instead rob another’s nest!
The winner is the first player/team to get 3 eggs in their own nest.



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