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Juguemos en el bosque - a 'catch' type game played in Mexico




We played "juguemos en el bosque" with the Beavers. Search on YouTube to see a video which will give you an idea of how to play.

We felt that learning the song in Spanish was a little challenging for our Beavers so we adapted the game. Beavers make a circle, holding hands. One child remains outside the circle as the Wolf. The children dance in a circle chanting "We're playing in the forest while the wolf is busy, we're playing in the forest while the wolf is busy." The wolf then replies, telling the children what he is doing, eg "I am getting up."

This continues with the wolf adding different activities - getting dressed, brushing my hair, cleaning my teeth, putting my shoes on, having my breakfast, etc. At any time, though, the wolf can reply, "I'm ready to eat you all." The children then break out of the circle and run away and the wolf tries to catch one. The Beaver who is caught becomes the wolf on the next turn.


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