Go, Slow, Whoa!! Healthy Eating Game

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Game based on traffic lights but with a healthy eating message.
No food is demonised, instead it's about everything in moderation




Leader calls out the name of a food. If the food is a 'Go' food they should run (sensibly!), if it's a 'slow' food they walk, if it's a 'whoa!' food they stop. Those getting it wrong can be 'out'

Alternatively play like 'North, South, East, West' where they have to run to a base for each type.

Go foods -low in fat and sugar, rich in nutrients and lower in calories - enjoy almost anytime
Slow foods - higher in fat, added sugar and calories than Go foods - enjoy sometimes
Whoa! foods - highest in fat and added sugar. High calories and can be low in nutrients - enjoy occasionally

Food list:
GO: Apple, banana etc; broccoli, carrots etc; oats, bread, wraps, lower fat milk, tuna, chicken, lean meats
SLOW: raisins, tinned fruit in syrup, sugary breakfast cereal, cheese, sugary yoghurt, fried meat, peanut butter
Whoa!: chips, crisps, cakes, doughnuts, sweets, full fat milk, cream, bacon, hot dogs



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