Comic Strip

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Cubs to create a comic strip using artwork or photography


Paper, Pens
Digital cameras
Sample comic strips & layouts
Inkjet printer, laptop, cables (to print photos)
scissors (to cut out pictures)
Glue sticks


Cubs work in sixes and split the following tasks between them:
- choose layout/ grid for comic (how many boxes in what shapes on the page)
- devise story idea and convert to plot
- plan photographs, get props, practice poses
- write dialogue/ callouts
- create a banner for the top of the comic

If there are not sufficient cameras/ adult helpers for each six to take photo's then sixes take turns

Split the activity over two sessions if needed

Story ideas:
- Cubs make tea for Akela
- Akela "loses" car keys
- Cubs pitch a tent
- Cub olympics
- Cubs go fishing
- Cub on climbing wall


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  • creative
  • photography
  • skills
  • skills challenge

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