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Mock Election (UK Style, 2015 Based)

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A mock election where the Scouts learn some basics about about the 5 main UK parties, their policies for 2015 and how the election works.


Print outs of the manifesto summaries
Print outs of the party signs
Print outs of the Voting Card (4 per page and cut down if possible)
Bluetak/Sellotape for signs
A table (or podium) for each party, with the sign attached and the manifesto on.
A table for the polling station sign-in
A voting box
A list of participants and their postcodes (if possible)


See attached document for printing resources and these instructions formatted better:

1. 5 Minutes: Introduce some of the vocabulary associated with elections and how the voting system works.
a. The country is split into 650 constituencies
b. Each constituency votes for their local MP, each elected MP gets a seat at Westminster where they can raise or discuss issues
c. Whichever party gets the most MPs elected becomes the government - they have the most power and their leader becomes the MP. If two different parties get lots of votes they can decide to work together and form a Coalition so that they have more seats than the otherwise winning party.
d. After 4 years, the government organises another General Election.
2. 2 Minutes: Split the Scouts into "constituencies" (by their real postcodes if possible). Alternatively if you don't have many Scouts (<16 or so) have each Scout count as 1 constituency. You can tell them this either now, or later)
3. 10 Minutes: Introductory speech from each party. No questions yet.
4. 5 Minutes: Question time (if you have a large group, you may want to have each candidate in a corner of the room and allow the Scouts free roam to go and ask their questions).
5. 3 Minutes: Allow the Scouts some time to think about or discuss amongst themselves which party they wish to vote for (explain that it's not usually considered polite to ask who someone else is voting for).
6. 10 Minutes: Voting Time! Setup a voting booth and a table with a list of everyone's name on it. Have the Scouts queue up and wait to be called. When they're called they're asked their name and postcode, are crossed off the list and given a voting slip and instructions of how to cast their vote. After voting, they should join the other "already voted" ideally in a separate room.
If possible, have a different polling booth for each "constituency", otherwise have a different coloured paper for each.


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