Cub Election Night

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Election Night - to vote for the best idea to produce a Cub Meeting Evening


iPhone - for recording - optional
Chocolate bar - brought in by each Cub
Ballot Box


Leader - 10 mins - Explain what an election is and why we do it
Leader - 5 mins - Explain what is needed from each Six - to provide an idea; how they would carry it out and what they need, etc
Six - 5 mins - Choose a 'leader' (this does not have to be the Sixer)
Six - 15 mins - Decide what your meeting is going to be, what you need to do, what you need, etc
Six - 10 mins - Prepare a speech for the 'leader' to but their ideas over to the other Cubs
Six - 3 to 5 mins (per Six 'leader') - Give your speech
Six, Leaders & YL - To vote and place vote in ballot box


  • team building activities
  • Team challenge
  • team Leader
  • Team Player
  • team work

Badge Links

  • Communicator - Introduce
  • Skills - Other
  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Team Leader - Lead
  • Teamwork - Pack forum
  • Teamwork - Team-building