Paddling 1/4

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Paddling Week 1 - Nautical Skills (NS) Stage 1 - Clothing, Buoyancy Aids, Helmets … Paddle Sports (PS) Stage 1 - types of paddle craft, warm up, paddle a sit in kayak.


Permit holder if not on class C waters. Kayaks, helmets, paddles, buoyancy aids and a ball for game.


Paddle Power Start curriculum which also covers Nautical Skills 1 and Paddle Sports 1.
Discuss safety including capsizing, clothing (considering both temperature and freedom of movement), helmets, buoyancy aids, life jacket.
How far can you swim - check it is more than 50m.
Discuss types of paddleboat.
Identify 3 safe places to paddle.
Warm up before you paddle, warm down afterwards.
Embarking - get in and out safely.
Balancing - work on balancing in a stationary boat.
Backwards, Turning, slowing, etc. experiment and have fun.
Forwards - at least 50 m, always fun to do a staggered start race
Balancing a boat - raft up and stand up if appropriate. change boats with someone by climbing over the raft.
Game - take a ball along with you in the boat.

Time on the Water - 1 session


  • kayaking
  • Nautical skills
  • paddle sports

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