Rowing 1/4

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Open Canoes and rowing dinghies initial intro… cover brace and stopping. Recap clothing, safety, what are hazards, looking where you are going.


Permit holder if not on class C waters. Rowing dinghies, open canoes, helmets, paddles, buoyancy aids.


Assuming you have done Paddling weeks which cover Paddle Sports 1 and 2 then this leads to Paddle Sports 3.

Introduce open canoes and rowing dinghies.
Discuss safety including, capsizing, clothing (temperature & movement), helmets,
buoyancy aids (different standards), life jacket.
Discuss safe portage of Rowing Dinghies.
Discuss how to check water depth.
Discuss what are ‘hazards’ and what to be on the lookout for.
With help, show more than one safe method for lifting and carrying your boat.
Using a round turn and two half hitches, moor your dinghy to a ring, post or bollard.
Discuss moving forward in a straight line.
Take a place as an oarsman, including stroke.

Time on the water - 1 session


  • Canadian Canoeing
  • paddle sports
  • Pulling
  • Rowing

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