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Navigator 1 - locate yourself on a map, look at legend, follow a bearing on a compass 2 sides of a square / Hill Walker - what would you wear on a walk?


Maps, compass, sweets and cones. Open space for bearing activity.


Locate yourself on a map.
Identify various places / building on your map using the legend.
Discuss appropriate clothing to wear on a walk and what you should take with you (also hill walker badge).
Discuss compasses - cardinal points and how to walk on a bearing.

Walk on a bearing, learn how to choose a point on the horizon to help you.

Bearing game - needs a bag of sweets, marker cone. In pairs (each with a compass) mark your starting point on the ground (cone, tent peg, sweets, … ) walk 20 paces on a sensible bearing, use the second
compass and set a bearing at right angles to the one you’ve walked on. Walk 20 paces for the 2nd side of the square. Then with the first bearing walk the same number of paces but place South in the red zone so you are walking 180deg to your original bearing, which makes the 3rd side of the square. Then do the same with the second compass and complete the 4th side of your square and back to your sweets? Did you get back to your mark?

Wide Game - rounders? football? ask the scouts to choose a game before you start… a good reward as many view navigation and compasses as a drag.

At home...
To complete the Navigator stage 1 badge get scouts to draw a map of where they live, the meeting place, etc...


  • bearing
  • compass
  • game
  • map symbols
  • Navigator

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