Cooking for chef's badge

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Scouts are using their plans and knowledge from previous sessions to cook, serve and clean up a three course meal. Working in groups of 4.


6 gas hobs, gas canisters, blender and food processor, hand blender, microwave, frying pans, pots, plates, bowls, sharp knifes, chopping boards, washing up liquid, extra washing up bowls (outside) metal scourers and sponges etc. Herbs and spices. Food bought from ingredient lists.


Leaders to set up cooking stations for the 4 groups, including the equipment listed in their plans, and setting out the ingredients requested. After this point leaders are to ensure that equipment is shared between groups where necessary (i.e. gas hobs, microwave etc.), but otherwise this is up to the scouts. They should follow their method, make sure they are working together and using every member of their group. It is also important that they clear up as they go along, not let the dishes pile up. Taking turns at washing up and clearing away.



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