Expedition challenge planning

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Route planning, equipment planning, food planning


Details of expedition challenge. Flip chart paper and pens


Split into three groups (our troop has three patrols). Each is given a piece of flip chart paper, a marker and details of expedition challenge.

Group one takes "Equipment" - choosing suitable equipment for an expedition. You might consider tents, stoves, rucksacks, walking equipment, emergency equipment, first aid kit, wet weather gear, appropriate food and a camera.

Group two takes "Food" - They need to plan a menu that covers two days with at least four Scouts.

Group three takes "Where and how" - A purpose with a journey. If undertaking an exploration travel by foot, cycle, public transport or other agreed means for at least ninety minutes to reach the destination is acceptable. Having reached the destination carry out at least five hours investigation over the two days following up on previously undertaking research.

Allow them time to do some work. Then switch them around. Then switch around again so they have had a chance to look at all three ideas.


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