Human Dominoes

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To teach Scouts that we have a lot more in common with each other than we think. No-one should be left out.




- Announce that you are going to challenge the group to see if they can link everyone
to show they all have lots in common.
- The activity follows the principle of playing dominoes by matching those who have
things in common. The first young person says: “On my left hand side I am Â#.. and
on my right hand side I amÂ#..”, stating two characteristics. These could be a
hobby, their favourite football team, the number of siblings they have or absolutely
anything at all.
- Someone else from the group who shares one of those characteristics goes and
stands on the relevant side of that young person, which in essence ‘joins up’ these
group members – like joining up dominoes with the same spots. If more than one
group member shares a characteristic, the first one to say so joins themselves on.
- The first ‘human domino’ should now have someone on either side of him or her,
but these new ‘dominoes’ will each have a ‘free side’. They now state
something about themselves and in the same way, others join themselves on like
dominoes. This continues until everyone is joined on. It may become more difficult
towards the end of the activity, when there are less people to find something in
common with.
- Once everyone is joined on, the two 'dominoÂ’ ends need to find something they
have in common so a complete circle can be
- Remind the group that they have proved that they all have things in common with
each other – therefore no one can be singled out


  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • bullying
  • diversity
  • friends
  • friendship

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