Shere Khan's Bone

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Shere Khan defends bone in the middle of the circle by tagging attackers.


Something to mark out a circle: chalk, rope etc.


Create a circle about 7 metres across using rope or chalk and place a “bone” in the middle. The bone can be rolled
newspaper, a clean dog chew bone, etc.

How to Play:
One Cub Scout, Shere Khan, is posted in the circle to defend the bone. The rest of the Cub Scouts become jackals. Shere Khan can touch any jackal that enters the circle — whether the jackal has the bone or not — putting the jackal out of action.

Any player who gets the bone and gets out of the circle without being touched becomes the new Shere Khan and the game starts over.

There shouldn’t be more than 10 attackers at a time. If there are more Cub Scouts, play several games at once with more circles.


  • jungle book

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