Road Safety Activities

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This is a fabulous resource made for out-of-school groups. It can be used for Cubs (Road Safety Activity Badge) and Beavers (Adventure Challenge). The biscuit decorating activity can also go towards the Beaver's My Skills Challenge! All activities are differentiated with clear instructions and links to printable resources. It really is great!

I have also added an overview of the themes, key messages and activities that you would use for Beavers just for ease.


There are links to all resources needed (with the exception of Snakes and Ladders boards if you're going to be playing the snakes and Ladders game)


All the differentiated activities are in the booklet with clear instructions and links to the THINK.GOV website where you can find the resources. Brilliant!


  • Adventure Challenge
  • Biscuit Decorating
  • crossings
  • green cross code
  • My Skills Challenge
  • Passenger safety
  • road safety badge

Badge Links

  • Adventure - Green Cross Code
  • Road Safety - Crossings
  • Road Safety - Green Cross Code
  • Road Safety - Passenger
  • Skills - Decorate food