Zombie Wide Game

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This activity is hopefully a fun and engaging way for scouts to practice navigation, compass and lashing skills in mission based wide game. Leaders need a large wooded area. Scouts will be required to undertake a number of missions in the hope to retrieve the cure and stop the zombie apocalypse.

The game can be adapted as required. Missions can vary and running time can be as long as you want.


Large Wooded Area.
Maps of area - With grid references.
Compass - With bearings.
Good Clothing
First Aid Kit


Half of the scouts will be zombies, half will be survivors. Zombies where neckers and walk slowly and will turn a survivor into a zombie if they grab them, once turned they join the zombie team.

Mission 1: Find the Scientist
It is believed that a scientist was experimenting with potential antidotes to the Z-Virus. Scouts must use his last known locations and bearings to find him and bring him to safety before the zombies get him!

(Take a single starting point and provide a bearing. Scouts must then follow this bearing for a set distance before finding a note with a new bearing. Repeat several times with scientist at end of final bearing, possibly hidden in a bush or tree. Zombies must aimlessly wander trying to find and turn the survivors or the scientist.)


Mission 2: Find weapons:
Once the scientist is safe survivors must use grid references to pinpoint weapons which can be used against the zombies (sponges, which stun a zombie for 20 seconds). These weapons have been airdropped in by the government at the designated locations.

(Place some sponges in bags and drop them around the area at set grid references. Give these references to the survivors to find them. Zombies are still trying to get the scouts.)


Mission 3: Wait for evac:
Survivors must now use sticks and lashings to make a temporary safe zone while the doctor contacts the government. Alternatively they can hide.

(Survivors must build a safe zone out of wood and rope. The zombies need to find gaps to get in. Have survivors hold out for a set time before zombies disperse. The other option is to hide for a set period of time without being turned.)


Mission 4: Reach the evac zone:
Survivors must now reach the evac zone with the scientist.

(Survivors must get to a set area with the scientist to win the game. Zombies must turn the scientist or all the other players).


Survivors win if the scientist is evacuated. Zombies win if the scientist is turned.
Missions can be adapted as required. For more info email: mattzacgo@hotmail.co.uk


  • bearings, map reading,compass work, outdoor,
  • navigation
  • survival
  • teamwork challenge
  • Zombie

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