Axe. Knife and Saw Assessment

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Assess the scouts competencies in Knife, Axe and Saw work and also help them achieve a part of their survival skills badge. This gives them a sense of achievement with the certificates whilst also ensuring that they are safe when using the tools.


Means of recording completed assessment and renewal date.


In this activity you can assess scouts competencies in Axe, Saw and Knife work. Scouts will be required to complete an assessment set out by the leaders to ensure that they are safe in the use of these items. This can include the safe use, handling and storing of each tool. Upon successful completion of these assessments they may sign and understand the a document showing that they understand the dangers of these tools and that they will comply with all requirements. If scouts pass the assessment and sign the document they may receive an Axe, Saw and Knife certificate allowing them to use these tools on camp.

Should any scout fail the assessment or not feel ready to take it they could undertake a refresher course ready for an assessment at a later date. Scouts could redo the assessment around every 6 months to ensure that they remain safe and revalidate their certificates. These assessments will also count towards scout's survival badge under the knife work requirment.


  • knife, axe and saw
  • survival skills

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