Team Building

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Team Building activities for a medium group


Poles, Balls, Tarpooling/Groundsheet, Blindfolds.


Activity 1 - Name Ball

Resources: Balls
Scouts gather round in a circle. The leader in charge then throws the ball to someone. The Scout must remember who threw the ball to them, and who they threw the ball to. One they have had the ball once they step back, so all the other scouts can get the ball. Scout must only get the ball once. Once all scouts have had a go, the last Scout to have the ball throws it to the leader in charge. This is the order that the ball must be thrown round in. They must communicate with everyone else to get the ball successfully round, without anyone dropping it. If someone drops it, the whole group must start over again. The goal is to get all the balls going round at the same time! If they do this, you can make it harder by having a ball they must pass clockwise, and a ball they must pass clockwise.

Activity 2 - Confidence Ladder

Resources: Poles
2 Scouts (and Leaders can join in too!) per pole holding the pole strongly. One Scout Walks on the poles, so be sure to keep it low to the ground. Only do it one scout at time, and make sure all scouts are holding the poles properly. Once all scouts have had a go, and gotten more confident, the poles can be at different angles, and at higher levels. Keep it safe so not too high.

Activity 3 - Turning over the groundsheet/Tarpooling

Resources: Tarpooling/Groundsheet
The group must stand on the tarpooling and turn the tarpooling over whilst standing on it, without stepping off it!

Activity 4 - Blindfold Assault Course

Resources: Blindfolds and stuff to make an obstacle course with
One member of the group must be blindfolded, and the other members of the group must lead them round the course without touching them. They must only give communications through words. If they find this easy, you can make it harder by saying they cant say specific keywords (like left or right)


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