Survival Signaling

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Train Scouts regarding ground to air signaling, tracking and body signals


Victorinox resource from TSA
Projector, screen, laptop, cables
Tracking quiz (included in PPT)
Air signaling PPT


Hand out tracking symbols quiz and challenge each patrol to describe the meaning of as many symbols as possible (5 mins)
Quiz can be printed by printing slides 2 to 9 of the ppt as handouts (4 slides to a page)

Talk about differences between cooking fires and signaling fires using Victorinox sheet as a crib

Explain purpose of ground to air signals (imagine you are stranded on a mountain, &c)
Explain rules of charades game (see slide 11 of attached ppt)
Display slide 10 to help Scouts to guess charade meaning
Allocate 1 or two signals to each patrol depending on enthusiasm and interest

For body signals, maybe run a game where teams are split across the hall. Half the team pose in the body signal whispered to them by a leader, the other half of the team race to identify the signal meaning.


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