Dinner Party

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Cubs host a dinner party for their chef's badge.


Best done on a residential weekend or possibly a camp.


Design simple menu (i.e. cocktails, nibbles, cottage pie & veg, lemon meringue pie, cheese & biscuits). Aim is to mimic an adult dinner party and change the emphasis from a feeding frenzy! Encourage children to complement food presented. Table manners!!

Split cubs into groups - maybe have 2 groups producing main course, 1 on dessert. Aim to produce several of the same thing so children all get a chance to chop, cook & wash up! Minimises equipment too.
Brief cubs on food safety & lay down rules for kitchen
Provide each group with ingredients, instructions & an adult
Encourage cubs to wash up as they go so that clear as far as possible before serving
First to finish lay table (Decorate table? Soft music? lighting? take it as far as you want!)
Once all ready, make cocktails (we did Shirley Temples) & lay out nibbles
Mingle/socialise/small talk
Half of main course team & all of Dessert team sit down while others plate up & then serve food to their friends (Leaders supervise)
Other half of main course team clear table
Dessert team serve dessert to all & clear table
Either wash up plates now & have cheese later or have cheese course & then wash up
Finish with an After Eight mint & possibly hot chocolate depending on time


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