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This festival takes place in the beginning of January in Fukuoka City. As part of the festival, 2 large wooden balls representing ying & yang are carried in a procession to the Hakozaki Shrine. On the way, the yang ball is passed on to groups of locals to compete over. The locals represent the farmers (Land Team) and fishermen (Sea Team) and they compete to take control of the ball and deliver it to the Shinto priest at the shrine. The winning team will be rewarded with a bumper harvest that year. Locals believe that good luck is brought to all those who touch the ball, so many will clamber to try and touch the ball.




Split the group in to 2 teams: Land and Sea. One person should be the Shinto priest and sit on the chair at one end of the room

Start the game with the ball being thrown randomly in the room

The teams should aim to pass the ball between themselves, with the other team trying to intercept it.

When a team has passed the ball between all members they should pass to the Shinto priest to win


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