Tie Dye Milk

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Science experiment


 1 clean shallow tray, 30 cm x 20 cm
 1 litre each of different types of milk
 100 cm3 water
 10 cm3 good quality washing-up liquid
 1 bottle each of red, blue, green and yellow food colourings
 5 eyedroppers, 1 for each of the colourings and 1 for the washing-up liquid solution
 1 beaker (100 cm3)
 1 stirring rod
 2 cotton buds
Wear disposable plastic gloves


As an ancient Egyptian science-artist, you are always on the lookout for interesting phenomena. For
example earlier, you accidently cut yourself. Some drops of blood fell into in your milk. Then one of
the servants dropped some soap solution into the blood milk mix. Something very interesting
occurred. Like all good science-artists, you decide to investigate further…



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