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Beavers split into Lodges and were given a Topic and animal picturesfrom Childrens National geographic and internet information from the WWF- and most endagered uk Animal picturesto create a poster per lodge.
Then discussed posters altogether.


Large sheets of paper .Pens . sisers. Glue. Pictures of Endangered Animals


Topics Poaching.- For Fur:- Pandas, Tigers. To Eat:- Gorilla, pigmy Hippo, Tree Kangroo, Turtle, Chips, Orangutans. Pet trade:- Macaw, Parrots, Chimps, Orangutans, Medicine, Tiger and Porpoise.
Ivory trade. Elephants and Rhinos for horns.

Loss of Habitat:- Deforestation:- Tree Kangroo, Orangutans,Pandas. Doormouse, Gorilla, Due to loss of land for Farming:- Pigmy Hippo, Skylark. Cheetah,Leapord. Elephant. Rhino, Sandlizzards, Natterjack Toad, Uk. Carda Bee, Water vole- Destruction of river banks.

Water Problems: Over fishing: Atlantic Blue Tuna , Sharks Angel,, Whale Shark, Carpet and Mackerel and Whales Humpback, Fin and Beluga Sharks aand Whales cought for food and OIL.
,Lack of food for other fish higher up the food chain due to over fishing.
Getting caught in Fishing Nets: African Penguins. Porpoise, Dolphins. Turtles small Whales and Sharks.
Sea birds; Lack of small fish some types;Loss of Nesting sites introduction of Rats and Cats to Islands: Albatross.African Penguins. Turns black fronted .

Pollution Oil spills smothers fish and birds . Rubbish- mistaken for food

Man on the Environment Climate Change and Conflict with Humans:-
Climate Change:-
Loss of Sea Ice;-Polar Bears
Effects hatching of Sea Turtles.
Whales and sharks and Fish due to reduction in food stock- or food in diferent place following sea temprature.

Conflict with Man:-
in many areas Man has taken land for Farming . So pigmy Hippos. Eat crops. Elephants trample crops as the Migrate.
African wild dog, Cheeter, Lion, tigers take Farm animals for food.

Other topics Disease:- Squirrel pox.( Red Squirrel) Rabies( African wild Dogs)Chimps (ebola) Frogs and toads (rana Virus)
Bees (Varroa Mite.

Introduction of none Native Species.

Water Vole effected By (mink)
Red Squirrel(gray Sq)
White Crayfish ( american cray fish)
Ground nesting Birds such as Storm petrel And Glaapogos Penguin Rats and Cats



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